Chrises on Infinite Earths

--- Christi and Chris Eddleman ---

An all-ages comics podcast by husband and wife duo, Chris and Christina Eddleman, that delves into the biggest comic book crossover events that you need to know.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Inter-dimensional TED Talk (Zero Hour Pt. 2)

    Christi and Chris are joined by podcaster and comic creator, Chris Sims as we wrap up our discussion of Zero Hour. What do timeshares, Hal Jordan, and complicated patches that require 3 more patches have in common? All this and more in this episode. [Chris Sims]( @theisb [Patreon]( [Kofii]( Twitter: @ChrisesPod Facebook: @ChrisesPod [email protected] Album Art by ...


  2. Doin' It Time Style (Zero Hour Part 1)

    Christi and Chris are joined by our early-to-mid-nineties comic expert, Everett Christensen, to tackle Zero Hour. We talk cotton candy comics, how to wow the class with comics puns during roll call, and robot sidekicks made of skin! Everett Christensen: @Zhurenaissance [Patreon]( [Kofii]( Twitter: @ChrisesPod Facebook: @ChrisesPod [email protected] Album Art by [Kate Foray]( ) Music Credits: > “Happy Alley" ...


  3. I Know What I Signed Up For (Kraven's Last Hunt Pt. 2)

    Christi and Chris are joined by [Matt D. Wilson]( for this wrap up episode of Kraven's Last Hunt! Join us as we discuss some of the event's major critiques, why committing crimes should never be a substitute for therapy, and the pros of having an entourage of photographers to document ...


  4. The Issue With Issues (Kraven's Last Hunt Pt. 1)

    Christi and Chris open up a can of spiders in this creepy crawly horror comic! We discuss fears {i.e. Christi's fear of the horror genre}, the fabulous behind the scenes work of Kraven's seamstresses, the art of harvesting spiders, and ask the essential question, "Are you afraid of... the Spider-Man?" [Patreon]( [Kofii]( Twitter: ...


  5. Two Year Christraveganza

    We made it! Two years of podcasting under our belt is worthy of a celebration! We answer all of your listener questions. Special thanks to Chris Osborne and Chris Sims for definitely NOT going on a dimension hopping adventure with us. [Patreon]( [Kofii]( Twitter: @ChrisesPod Facebook: @ChrisesPod [email protected] Album Art by [Kate Foray]( ) Music Credits: > "Local Forecast" ...