Chrises on Infinite Earths

--- Christi and Chris Eddleman ---

An all-ages comics podcast by husband and wife duo, Chris and Christina Eddleman, that delves into the biggest comic book crossover events that you need to know.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Happy Birthday Chris!

    It's Chris's birthday and it's time to celebrate! Friends sent in their birthday messages and Christi has to deal with some unexpected issues pulling them altogether. [Patreon]( [Kofii]( Twitter: @ChrisesPod Facebook: @ChrisesPod [email protected] Album Art by [Kate Foray]( ) Music Credits: > “Happy Alley" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License > "Evening Melodrama" ...


  2. Justice for Latveria (Fantastic Four versus the X-Men)

    Christi and Chris tackle two terrific teams tussling in Fantastic Four versus the X-Men. Join us as we share our recurring childhood nightmares, why heroes should always wear their super suits, and the cutest Franklin Richards we’ve ever seen. Content Warning: This episode contains discussion of suicide and self-harm [Patreon]( [Kofii]( Twitter: @ChrisesPod Facebook: @ChrisesPod [email protected] Album ...


  3. Susceptible to Checklists (Siege)

    Christi and Chris cover the capstone Bendis-era event, Siege, in this episode. We discuss such fansinated topics as Landlord Mephisto, Sentry the Murder Hornet, and Norman Osborn’s hair. Also discover which Avenger is most likely to accept a guest spot on our podcast. [Patreon]( [Kofii]( Twitter: @ChrisesPod Facebook: @ChrisesPod [email protected] Album Art by [Kate Foray]( ) Music ...


  4. No Happiness on the DC Emotional Spectrum (Milk Wars)

    Christi and Chris have a dairy-rich diet for this episode covering DC’s Milk Wars. We dive into the good, the bad, and the downright disturbing in this Young Animal event. What do Funko Pops, Long Boxes, and My Chemical Romance have in common? All this and more in this episode. [Patreon]( [Kofii]( Twitter: ...


  5. You Wouldn't Phase a Car (Black Vortex Pt. 2)

    Christi and Chris cover the conclusion of The Black Vortex. Join us for discussions of important issues like baking soda in your pancakes, who would be buff and covered with eyes, and who does a Magikarp to Gyrados in reverse. [Patreon]( [Kofii]( Twitter: @ChrisesPod Facebook: @ChrisesPod [email protected] Album Art by [Kate Foray]( ) Music Credits: > “Happy Alley" ...