Chrises on Infinite Earths

--- Christi and Chris Eddleman ---

An all-ages comics podcast by husband and wife duo, Chris and Christina Eddleman, that delves into the biggest comic book crossover events that you need to know.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. I Don't Feel So Good, Ms. Frost (House of M Part 3)

    Christi and Chris are joined by special guest, Charlie Davis, in this wrap up episode for House of M. We dish on Bobby's baggy shorts, continuity, that time Christi was right, and how our favorite heroes can't seem to catch a break. Twitter: @ChrisesPod Facebook: @ChrisesPod [email protected] Album Art by Kate Foray, ...


  2. House of Men (House of M Part 2)

    Christi and Chris explore the complex world of House of M, where Peter Parker reminds us of Eminem more than Spider Man, Magneto chooses fashion over function, Wolverine takes the moral highground over Jessica Drew, and Emma Frost surprises no one by being the most capable person for every job. Twitter: ...


  3. Magic Namor XXL (House of M Part 1)

    Christi and Chris dive into House of M, the crossover which not only changed everything but also gave us Gambit as an even worse thief, the promise of Steve Rogers as an excellent party planner, and a strong #NotMyJessicaDrew feeling. Twitter: @ChrisesPod Facebook: @ChrisesPod [email protected] Album Art by Kate Foray, Music Credits: > "Happy ...


  4. The Stabbiest Timeline (Flashpoint Part 2)

    Christi and Chris wrap up Flashpoint, where the darkest versions of DC's favorite super heroes get extra stabby. We discuss why third-stringers are our favorites, pepto bismal as a cure-all for chest wounds, and answer listener questions about everyone's favorite(?) timeline. Twitter: @ChrisesPod Facebook: @ChrisesPod [email protected]m Album Art by Kate Foray, Music Credits: > ...


  5. The Reverse Flash: Motivational Coach (Flashpoint Part 1)

    Christi and Chris talk the first three issues of the incredibly important Flashpoint, where Barry Allen has the ultimate monkey's paw in that his still-living Mom means the rest of the world sucks. We talk superhero family issues (surprise surprise), Christi's limited movie exposure, Chris overexplaining jokes about said movies, ...