Chrises on Infinite Earths

--- Christi and Chris Eddleman ---

An all-ages comics podcast by husband and wife duo, Chris and Christina Eddleman, that delves into the biggest comic book crossover events that you need to know.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. General Good Vibes (New Frontier pt. 1)

    Christi and Chris cover the first two triple-sized issues of DC: The New Frontier. Join us as we bridge the gap from the golden to silver age.   Support The Chrises Patreon Kofii Contact The Chrises Twitter: @ChrisesPod ...


  2. There Has to be an X (eXtermination)

    Christi and Chris say farewell to the O5 and hello to Kid Cable in this episode covering eXtermination. Join us as we speculate on why there are so many French twins and contemplate renaming ourselves for maximum X potential. Support The Chrises Patreon ...


  3. Comfy Sweatpants Episode (Superman #76)

    Christi and Chris celebrate their 100th episode by taking it easy, talking about the first meeting of Superman and Batman, answering listener questions, and trying not to work too hard. Support The Chrises Patreon Kofii Contact The Chrises ...


  4. Reveal-ish (X-Cutioner's Song Pt. 3)

    Christi and Chris are joined by artist, podcaster, and critique, Adam Reck to wrap up X-Cutioner’s Song. Adam brings his childhood nostalgia to this classic X-story. Support The Chrises Patreon Kofii Contact The Chrises Twitter: @ChrisesPod ...


  5. Pause All Over the Future (X-Cutioner's Song Pt. 2)

    Christi and Chris get into the gooey center of X-Cutioner’s Song, the 90s X-Men crossover event where Wolverine and Bishop become besties and Stryfe feeds Cyclops baby food. ...